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No. Title Sector/Subsector Province/City  Required Investment    (million )
 Location type Type of project Uploading date Download file
 1 Establishing Amusement Park  Services/Tourism   Gilan/Bandar anzali 9.58  Free zone  Establishment  20-04-2020  Download
 2 Establishing a Coastal Recreation and Sport Complex   Services/Tourism  Gilan/Bandar anzali    5.928  Free zone  Establishment  26-04-2020  Download
3 Establishment of Health Village   Services/Tourism    Gilan/Bandar anzali  11.43 Free zone   Establishment  26-04-2020  Download
Five-star Hotel of Langarud   Services/Tourism Gilan/Langarud   5.011  Main land   Establishment 02-05-2020   Download
 5 Savan Integrated and Managed Medical and Health Care  Services/Other Services (Health and Medicine)   Gilan/Rasht   463.29  Main land   Establishment  31-05-2020  Download
5 star hotel Namdar Lahijan  Services/Tourism   Gilan/Lahijan  23.37  Main land   Establishment  07-06-2020 Download 
 7 Eynak lagoon Recreation and Revival Project  Services/Tourism   Gilan/Rasht   65.78  Main land    Establishment  07-06-2020 Download 
International 5 Star Lotus Hotel  Services/Tourism   Gilan/Rasht   315.74  Main land   Establishment  07-06-2020 Download 
Zarbafi Garden Hall complex project  Services/Tourism    Gilan/Rasht  106.28 Main land    Establishment 07-06-2020  Download 
10  Sport and Health Complex Project  Services/Tourism     Gilan/Rasht  73.02 Main land   Establishment  14-06-2020 Download 
11  Tourism privileged area of Astara Steel Lake    Services/Tourism  Gilan/Astara 8.87  Main land   Establishment 14-06-2020   Download
 12  Guilan Art and Nature Garden   Services/Tourism  Gilan/Rasht 11.52  Main land   Expansion and completion  14-06-20 Download 


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